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1 bd/1 bath: 2 Hopkins Plaza for rent in Baltimore, MD buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

It's time for brand new apartments to stop using the same old design. 2Hopkins is ending the trend. Your apartment here is set inside a historic building designed in an era when architects respected the way we actually move and use our space. This isn't a place where everything is crammed together and then ornamented to hide the flaws. This is where spaces flow. Where sightlines reach to the skyline. Where light, geometry and utility achieve a timeless aesthetic. And where a few, unique residences are proving the beauty of simplicity. It's an old idea becoming a new way to live To learn more please email Leasing Agent with 2 Hopkins Plaza or call at (301) 691-4191.

  • ID#: 65566128
  • Location: Baltimore, MD , 21201
  • Address: 2 Hopkins Plaza, 1, Baltimore, MD, 21201, US
  • Availability: 2018-06-17
  • Rent: $1,487 - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist